Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Insightful Advice...

"To prepare you to carry out the duties of your future mission with ease to yourself, with satisfation to a husband, and with comfort to a household, pay attention to the minor virtues: punctuality, love of order, and dispatch. These are all of immense importance; the want of them in the female head of a family must necessarily fill the home with confusion, and the hearts of its inmates with sadness. Set out in life with a deep conviction of the importance of habits, and a constant recollection that habits for life are formed in youth -and that these habits, if not acquired then, are likely never to be.
Aim at universal excellence. Do little things well. Avoid with extreme dread a loose, slovenly, and careless way of doing anything proper to be done. "
~John Angell James, from Female Piety

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