Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas at the Store

It was my fourth attempt at finding a store with Christmas decorations for my classroom. As I wandered the aisles I thought, surely they must have their Christmas decorations all in one place somewhere. But my eye spotted a lone nativity scene and I knew that wasn't the problem.

Every store I have gone to (including two specialty teaching stores) has had an extremely slim stock of Christmas supplies. --And I do mean Christmas, not Santa or happy holidays or "winter break". At this particular store I was expecting that there would be a fewer amount of Christmas supplies, but I was hard put to find more than two Christmas things in the whole store!

I mentioned the nativity scene already (which, strangely enough, had a header that read: "A Savior is Born For" and no room under it to put any other words.) The second "Christmas item I found actually made me laugh. The cardboard top of the packaging said "Christmas Bulletin Board", but when I looked at the board itself, it said "Happy Holidays".

Now really, since when is "Happy Holidays" a specifically Christmas phrase?

Merry Christmas, everyone!!


  1. It is a very sad reality. We must foster the true meaning of Christ's birth in our hearts and the hearts of our families forever. May Jesus Christ be praised.