Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My First Proposal

Last summer I had my very first proposal, offered by a sweet and very handsome young man, with dark brown eyes and a charming smile. –But before anyone gets too excited, perhaps I should mention that the charming young gentleman was my eight-year-old nephew. : )


He and his two sisters had come to stay with us for three days, and since the box of toys was (and sadly, is) still buried somewhere deep in our massive garage, we played with some of the random things they found in my room. At one point, one of them found a little box of rings which kept them all pleasantly occupied for quite some time. My youngest niece, who was about to turn two, was delighted with it, and immediately started sorting the tangled mess of rings, (That’s my girl!) : ) while her older sister tried each one on to see if any were small enough to fit her. My nephew, however, looked carefully through the box until he found a ring with a pretty rhinestone in it and asked me --in a very deep, but equally silly voice-- to marry him. I laughed at the silly voice and explained that I couldn’t marry him, and he went away for a few moments. To my surprise, he came back with a ring that had a bigger stone in it, and said “Now will you marry me?” again I refused, and he went away, only to return with the biggest, most gaudy ring he could find, and triumphantly declared, “Now you have to marry me!”


It always amazes me what these little ones come up with! Whether we realize it or not, they are ever watching us and learning from our examples. May God help us each to be the much-needed godly examples for those younger than we!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


For those of you who like to try new recipies, my brother-in-law has a blog with some delicious recipies. My mom and I recently made the Red Pepper Carrot Soup, which was amazing! It's one of those rare things that is good for you, but tastes good too!