Monday, May 18, 2009

Grocery Shopping

Today nearly everyone in my household was sick --except for me. Tristan (my brother) is still recovering from a cough, Daddy, who has the same thing, has just begun to improve, and Mommy has just come down with it. Thankfully, I am not sick at present, having started the cycle of sickness. This means that I get to take care of everything (well, almost) at home until everyone is better. (Which is actually really fun…like playing house, except with a real house!)
It is a great opportunity to learn how to do things on my own, but still have Mommy around to make sure I don’t mess up. : )

One of those things that I had never done on my own before was grocery shopping. And since this was the day we usually do grocery shopping, and Mommy was in no shape to do it with me, and seeing as I can now drive by myself, that task fell to me. Now, just to clarify, I have been grocery shopping before --in fact, I have gone grocery shopping with my family since before I can remember-- but helping Mommy shop and shopping on my own are two very different things.

But I figured it would be a good experience for me, for grocery shopping is a very important skill to have, so I made up my list and off I went.

Now, driving places by myself is a rather new skill for me, and I had never driven to the grocery store alone before. I got there in one piece, however, and even managed to park the car inside the space without having to see-saw back and forth. After calling Daddy to tell him I had arrived safely, I headed into the store.

The actual shopping was pretty easy, since Mommy has been training me for years, and it was no longer than usual before I had gathered everything on my list, and was ready to check out. Thankfully, it was just after lunchtime, and there were not many people in line. I found a line that had just enough people in it to give me time to put my things on the conveyer belt before the lady in front of me had finished paying, and then it was my turn.

This was the dreaded moment. I was going to have to pay and bag my groceries, presumably at the same time. I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage it, but thankfully, the list was a short one this week, and I was able to wait to start bagging until after I had paid.

The rest of my trip was pretty uneventful. (Thankfully!) But it was definitely an adventure. At least now I know I am capable of doing shopping by myself, although I am looking forward to Mommy getting better so she can come with me! : )

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