Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Warm Weather Woes

It was 104 yesterday, and I heard that it’s expected to be 105 today. I don’t mind warm weather too much for the most part, but once it gets above 90, I tend to start melting. : )

My family has never had a house with air conditioning, and on days like today, I wish we did. There is a small air conditioner in a window in the big room that serves as our living/dining/music room, but it is entirely too small for the space it’s in. So, keeping the house cool on hot days poses quite a challenge to us.

At my old house, we had our hot weather procedures down to a science. The first hot day of the summer, Tristan and Daddy would get all the fans out of the attic, and make sure they all worked. Then each morning, Daddy would get all the downstairs windows opened up with fans in them when he got up for work. We would watch the thermometers carefully all morning, and as soon as the temperature began to rise, we would all rush around to get the windows closed as quickly as possible. All the blinds and curtains on the windows would be tightly shut, to keep the warm sunlight out. We would then spend the rest of the day in our dark house, trying to use the lights as little as possible (because light bulbs generate heat) and to cook as little as possible. When it finally began to cool down outside in the evening, we would open everything up and be comfortable again.

One of the most frustrating challenges of hot weather is finding ways to feed our family without adding to our misery by heating the house up more. Mommy and I could probably live on cold salads the whole summer, but Daddy is a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy, and Tristan works up quite an appetite working in construction, and neither of them is too inclined to eat “girly food”, so, it’s quite a struggle to find things that everyone will eat. We have found that the crock pot doesn’t heat up the house as much as the oven, but cooking on the stovetop is pretty much our coolest option until Daddy gets our grill cleaned up.

Does anyone have favorite summer recipes or tips?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Feminine Hairdos

This is my new favorite hairstyle.

It takes a while to do, but it is definitely worth the time and effort. This works best on thick hair, (which mine is most definitely not), but I have found that using little clips to secure the bun makes it stay in a little better.
This is only one of the pretty and feminine hairstyles available with illustrated instructions on the In Timely Fashion website. The link below will take you directly to the hairstyles page.